This speech was delivered by the Chairman of the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka (VTA) Col. Dharshana Ratnayake RWP RSP at the inauguration of NVQ 5 in ICT @ VTA at the INFOTEL 2014, on 24th October, 2014 at the BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

" It’s a pleasure, to be here today, at the inauguration of INFOTEL 2014 . Today, it is a land mark in the history of Information Communication Technology, and, for the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka. VTA, the leader in Vocational Training, will be opening up new doors, on ICT, for the Youth of Sri Lanka. We, are the only well established and, recognized government organization in Vocational training. Our Centres have taken root island wide, and we will continue to be in the forefront. In moving forward, we have taken IT to the village.
National Vocational Qualification, or as we are more familiar with, NVQ, is a national certificate, which certifies, ones skills nationally. The skill standards are set, with the involvement, of the professionally competent personnel in the industry. They assure, the expected standards are met, in the respective trade or vocation, which the NVQ level is awarded. Therefore, without any hassle the NVQ certificate holder will be able to broaden their employment prospects, and secure a lucrative occupation.
We live in a world of vast opportunities, stark contradictions, and grave challenges. In today’s context, for students who don’t qualify for university education, or who don’t get themselves qualified professionally will have to face lots of barriers, in securing productive employment. Children being our future, we shall help them to realize their dreams, and present them as valuable citizens to the future of this country. This day, marks a significant milestone in the journey of Information Communication Technology, with the introduction of NVQ 5 in ICT @ VTA. Your future will be well secured and productive employment opportunities in Information Communication Technology (ICT), will be opened up, for the youth who get themselves qualified, in NVQ 5 in ICT @ VTA.
Your education, need not end at NVQ 5 in ICT @VTA. With the completion, of NVQ 5 in ICT @ VTA, the doors for NVQ Level 6 & 7 will be opened, at the University of Vocational Technology which is known as UNIVOTEC, and at the University Colleges, which are coming up island wide. You, will be able to obtain globally recognized professional qualifications, through internationally recognized bodies, as well. Youth who are deprived of a world class education, due to financial constraints, but are keen and enthusiastic in furthering their higher education, now have the opportunity to work and learn simultaneously, and lead ones passion to a reality.
I assure you, that we will continue to grow in many ways, with time. So, ladies and gentlemen, rest assured. We, at the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka are determined to make a difference in the lives of Sri Lankan youth. This is a pledge we make to you, to our students, to our respective disciplines, to our society and to the world at large.
Skills for Livelihood, Employability for Skills!!! This is our motto and this is what we believe in.
Dear Students, Remember ‘Best jobs go to the best educated’ . Light up your desire to learn. Make the right choice, for your future.
Join us, and be a competent professional! "