Hon. Minister Chandima Weerakkody
Minister of Skills Development and Vocational Training

It is with pleasure that I enclose this message to the official website of Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka, which is maintained to cater to the needs of younger generation of the country. It is time for our youth to realize that there is a bright future beyond school education and higher education, that is equally important and rewarding. Vocational training is the path to overcome twofold challenges of scarcity of skilled professionals much needed for the country’s development and provide satisfying and lucrative means of employment to our youth. Though it is a demanding task to produce sufficient numbers of skilled professionals competent with modern technology and standing on par with international standards within a short period. I am happy to note that the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka is directly and positively involved in this venture. Our signature programme "Sri Lanka Skills" also named as Ten + One Program, the eleven point National Vocational Training policy which is fully endorsed by His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena, is tailor made to ensure advancement of vocational training sector in Sri Lanka. In that process, the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka, strengthened by its years of expertise, is concurrently working with all other related organizations to correctly identify current needs and expand the scope of vocational training to build a strong future for our youth. It is necessary to direct our youth to the correct path by empowering them to make informed choices, without letting them be misguided and suffer frustration after spending their valuable time, resources and energy. Therefore, this website of Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka will be an ideal tool to properly guide them towards their goals. I encourage our youth to make maximum use of information made available on this website and wish our youth the strength and courage to be creative , competent and skilled professionals with positive attitude to conquer the world.

Hon.Karunarathna Paranawitha
Deputy Minister of Skills Development and Vocational Training

With the recent increase of skilled employment opportunities abroad, and the developments in industries such as construction, the preference of youth to look into themselves as trained and qualified individuals has grown substantially. With the acceptance of vocational training in most fields of employment, the youth have been looking to qualify themselves in their fields of interest and in large contribute to the labour strength of this country. To address this great need the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka was established under the Sri Lanka Vocational Training Authority Act No. 12 of 1995 and since then have contributed immensely in giving training to rural youth through a cluster of national level training Institutions comprising of 07 National Vocational Training Institutions, 26 District Vocational Training Centres and with 245 Vocational Training Centres. Vocational Training Authority (VTA) of Sri Lanka being under the Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training is entrusted with the main focus of giving vocational training to youth through vocational training programs, and to assist them in acquiring a recognised qualification. This will support them in obtaining employment as they are awarded the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ). Additionally VTA conducts research and development programs on vocational training, career guidance and counselling; where their focus and responsibility lies in strengthening the training arm through trainer programs in order to carry out Vocational Training Programs effectively and efficiently. Entrepreneurship plays a major role in Sri Lanka's economic development and VTA plays a large role in promoting entrepreneurship amongst our youth. While working in partnership with other Government agencies, private organizations, local and international NGO’s VTA looks to improve and shape the way it should work in order to achieve the overall vocational training objectives of the Government. VTA has clearly identified the younger generation as an asset to the country and will work to ensure that they become an asset to this country and play a strong role to shape the future of this country. Join the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka and equip yourself with the skills and training needed to gain a competitive edge in the global environment.

Chairman, Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka
Eng. Dr. Lionel Pinto

Welcome to the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka (VTA), the premier institute in providing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the government sector. Established under the Vocational Training Authority Act No.12 of 1995, VTA has been functioning for the last 20 years and has contributed extensively to the national economy. Each year VTA produces nearly 30000 youth empowering them with vocational skills for employability & entrepreneurship. Since its inception, VTA has provided skill training for about 475,000 youth throughout the island. VTA comprises of 245 centres, consisting of 07 National Vocational Training Institutes (NVTI), 22 District Vocational Training Centres (DVTC), and 216 other Vocational Training Centres established at Divisional Secretariats level. Altogether VTA covers 18 trades and conducts 79 courses consisting of 2178 programmes. Durations of these courses range from 45 days to 2 years. The Vocational Training Authority is dedicated to make vocational training more accessible to youth of the country and make them more skilled and employable locally and internationally. Our aim is to produce a globally competitive, industry specific, quality workforce by setting the highest standards in our services and facilities by focusing on global employability trends and developing competencies in individuals through modern methods and technologies in vocational training and education. After recognizing the needs of the market, we are planning to introduce English and soft skills as well, to all the trainees in VTA making them competent in non-technical skills such as communication, problem solving, teamwork and personal attributes such as adaptability, resilience, enthusiasm and openness to innovative ideas to produce a set of self-confident skilled employees. Furthermore all students of VTA centres will be given IT training to keep them abreast with the advancement of technology and thereby to make them more knowledgeable and employable.

Vice Chairman, Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka
Mr. Thilak Kariyawasam

It is great pleasure that I provide this message to the official website of Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka. Vocational Training and Skilled professionalism will be the key path for our youth to conquer the world and reach their desired goals of life. In that perspective, being able to choose the right path and the right programme that caters to desired goals is of paramount importance. I is the national duty of an organization of our caliber to assist and provide our youth with that capability, backed by strong governmental support. VTA established in year 1995 is currently the largest Tertiary and Vocational Education and Training provider in the government sector, with an annual intake of more than 30,000 students through its 245 centres located Island wide. It has wider reach throughout the country and is the most trusted centre of excellence for many of our youth, even at far away remote corners. With this website, VTA will expand its reach even further and will be more strengthened to provide vital information to our youth right at their fingertips. Our website will no doubt be of great assistance to youth who want to empower themselves with skills in demand and reach for their maximum capacities. I wish every success to youth who would reap benefits of this website

Director General, Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka
Mrs. Chulangani Perera

Welcome to the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka (VTA) the largest government Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) provider with the aim of prepare well rounded human resources to the global work force. Annually, more than thirty thousand youth enroll for eighty four trade sectors in its two hundred and fifty two training centers spread - out the country. VTA is the first flexible TVET provider to the nation. The VTA has been growing rapidly in terms of quality, recognition, activities, number of courses, student intake, staff, outreach and research during the recent several years. It inspires more students and industry day by day. VTA has its special characters. We offer high quality technical and vocational education through National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) standards to generate globally competitive, industry specific, quality workforce which drive our country towards a glorious future. Further, we train youth to develop skills, knowledge, wisdom and leadership and we contribute to shun traditions and positive thinking by making disciplines of students. We also provide competencies and skills through diligence and knowledge of ICT, languages, entrepreneur skills and people skills. That is what we believe in that "the greater we can make, the greater its contribution to the well-being of the world you and I live". So, we invite you to become students of VTA.