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The VTA was established with the intent of providing skills for employment Manpower Division-the training arm of Labor Department that was running Technical and Vocational Education and training programs in many parts of Sri Lanka, Was converted to the newly constitute Vocational Training Authority making vocational training more accessible to rural youth and depressed segments of the country. ....See More

New Appointment Award Ceremony for English lecturers at Vocational Training Authority.

NVQ System and the Background

Under the higher education system of Sri Lanka, bachelor degrees in Arts, Science, Commerce and all other areas are offered under the purview of UGC (University Grants Commission) to maintain the uniformity and the recognition irrespective of the university or the offering body..

New Procurement

The Chairman, Procurement Committee, Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka Invites Sealed Bids from eligible and qualified bidders for the procurement of the training equipments and furniture..

The NVQ 5 in ICT

The NVQ-5 in ICT is a fulltime one year training programme introduced by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission under the initiative of the Government of Sri Lanka.

Quantity Surveyor

In the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka they have started Full Time one year NVQ Level 5 courses (Diploma Level) and one year NVQ Level 6 courses (Advanced Diploma Level) with substantial experience in the construction industry.

Adobe Certified Associate

Landing your first job out of high school or college can be daunting, especially in the competitive fields of digital communication.

CISCO Networking Academy

CCNA Security
CCNA Switching & Routing
CCNP Switching & Routing

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  • Diploma Awarding Ceremony 2017

    Gigiri Walalu Song Performed by VTA Staff & Students for Diploma Awarding Ceremony 2017 @BMICH

  • Main objective of this MOU is to conduct ICT and Business Management certificate courses for employees who are working in SLTB ...

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    ඔබට අවශ්‍ය තොරතුරු තාක්ෂණ ශිල්පියෙක් වීමටද ,රූපලාවන්ය ,ශිල්පියෙක් වීමටද,සූපවේදියෙක් වීමටද, ..... More

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    මෙම ආයතනය මා ගේ මතකයන් අතරින් කිසිදා අමතක නොවෙන ජීවිතයේ හැරවුම් ලක්ෂයක් ඇති කළ ආයතනයක්. ..... More

    නදීකා ගුණවර්ධන
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    ශ්‍රී ලාංකීය අධ්‍යාපන රටාවට අනුව, මේ වන විට නාරාහේන්පිට පුහුණු මධ්‍යස්ථානයේ පුහුණු ආධුනික ආධුනිකාවන් 400කට අධික..More

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